Excellent home cooked food with a choice menu.
In 2014 we where pleased to be awarded  the Visit England Good Breakfast Award.

We cater for a wide range of diets ( some by prior notice) The breakfast menu is wide with a traditional English/ Scottish/ Irish breakfast being extremely popular, plus a range of cereals,
fruit juices, yoghurts, and fruits available from the buffet.

Specials are available such as ham, tomato and poached eggs, kippers and poached
eggs and egg Benedict. Ham or mushroom omelets are popular. We also cater especially
for the “little ones”

A four course + coffee evening meal can be ordered, with a range of traditional and not so
traditional dishes. Were ever possible we try to source locally produced fresh ingredients.


Important to any stay is food. We offer a highly praised a la carte breakfast menu, consisting of choice of cereals, juices, fresh fruit, fruit compote and yoghurts available from the buffet. We then serve you with a cooked breakfast. This has plenty of choice including fried, boiled, poached and scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage black pudding, baked beans, hash browns, and mushrooms.

For something different, try a dish from the range of popular breakfast specials such as kippers, cold ham and scrambled or poached eggs, ham, cheese or mushroom omelettes or Eggs Benedict. Some people have “soldiers” with their boiled eggs.

For evening dinner we offer a choice of meals, consisting of a choice of starters, home made soups, choice of meat, fish or a salad and to finish try one of our range of Gail’s British puddings (We dare You), all rounded off with coffee. We support British farming therefore all our ingredients are sourced from local growers and suppliers wherever possible. Vegetarian and ceoliac diets are available by arrangement and children are catered for.



Served Between 0830 – 0930

To Start With

• Choose from Orange, apple, or tomato Juice
• Choice of cereals, Porridge, Grapefruit, Prunes or fruit compote
• Next whatever you fancy from Bacon, sausage, tomato, baked beans, mushrooms, hash browns, black   
  pudding with a choice of Fried, scrambled, or poached eggs.
• Vegetarian Option Available
• And if you can still manage it Toast and preserves
• All With Breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea or fresh coffee.
• Specialty teas available



.. these take a bit longer

• Continental Option.
• Yoghourt, croissants, fruit.
• Boiled Eggs (with soldiers if you want them)
• Locally smoked boneless kippers.
• Poached eggs with ham and a fresh Blackpool tomato,
• Freshly made Ham or cheese omelette
• Eggs Benedict
• (Two halves of a lightly buttered toasted muffin covered with thinly sliced ham with a poached egg on each half. Both halves covered with Hollandaise sauce)…Delicious



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